Training Week 1 (Oct 6-13)

Tuesday 10/8/19

Run to Little Sandy Lake from Sweetwater Gap Trailhead. Absolutely gorgeous leaves and scenery. Talus chased a lot of elk.

6.85 mi run (1,604 ft elevation)

1 hr 25 min- moving time

Z1/2 – 66 min

Z3 – 18 min

Z4 – 1 min

Kept it light and easy for 1st day back into training.

Wednesday 10/9/19

Biked from Fossil Hill parking lot to Upper Brewers (2.5 miles out then turned around). very light ride. some sections surprisingly hard nose breathing. first time on a trail with Talus and we had a blast.

5.23 mi Bike (364 ft elevation)

51:30 moving time

Z1/2 – 51 min

Z3 – 0 min

Z4 – 0 min

Bouldering at Elevations Gym

Gym Workout ~ 2 Hours

V1 – V6

Campus board horizontal pulls

Thursday (10/10/19)

1 hr yoga

Nico taught the class and it was a really great flow. Really enjoyed the stretches and twists

Friday (10/11/19)

Bouldering at Elevations Gym

1.5 hrs bouldering

V1 (UD X5), V2 (UD), V5, V4, V4, V2, V5, V6, V6 (F X3), V5 (Fos), V4 (F), V4os, V3, V3, V3 (UD), V3, V3 (F), V3, V3 (UD), V3, V3, V2

Saturday (10/12/19)

Bike ride loop around Atlantic City. Wind was brutal and no fun. kept it light and easy. great riding with Nico. Grabbed a beer at Grubstake afterwards. Very fitting sign behind the bar

18.8 mi Bike (2,000 ft elevation gain)

2 hour moving time

Z1/2 – 2 hours

Z3 – 0

Z4 – 0

Sunday (10/13/19)

Climbing at Blooming rose, Wild Iris, Wyoming (With Nico)

Phat Phinger Phrenzy 5.8 os

Utah Carol 5.8- os

Annie Git Yer Drill 5.9 os

Claim Jumper 5.10c os (Princess clipped first two bolts)

Tribal War 5.11b (2 takes)

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